Welcome to IndepedentByChoice.com

Welcome to the Independent Candidate Movement . . . a combination of the real and virtual worlds brought together to change the conversation between and by our elected officials and creating a new level of effectiveness for Congress.

With a focus on hyper-partisanship in the House of Representatives and the need to change the dynamic of the congressional agenda, we are dedicated to raising the profile of Independent Candidates for Congress, providing them resources and tools to help advance their campaigns, and most importantly exposing the Independent concept to the voters at large.  Ultimately, if we can prevent either party from achieving a majority in Congress, then we have accomplished our primary goal!

We have done what we can on nights and weekends, working on the book, starting development of site functionality, but to be ready for the 2016 election cycle we must turn this into a full time venture.

To help us get there, we are going to work to fund the completion of the book project and the associated informational web site through Kickstarter.com, to cover the costs of research assistance with fact checking, guest contributor interviews, editing the book draft for publishing, and technical and content resources for web site development.    

In addition, we will work to fund the development of a toolset on the web, creating a campaign management suite complete with templates for candidate to create their public web site, fulfill required financial and FEC reporting, event planning and management, organize volunteer resources, take advantage of multiple fundraising channels and more.  The objective is to let Independent candidates compete on a level playing field, mitigating the inherent advantages held by republicans and democrats.

Join The Movement!  Enter your name and email on the contact page, and we will keep you posted on our progress!   Thanks for your interest and support - whether you help with funding or just stay informed on our progress, you are part of the team, being the change you want to see!

Public Advocacy Campaign

We are writing a book that will make the case and build momentum among voters and potential candidates, set a publicity strategy for local, regional and national media, all in support of an Independent Candidate Movement to change the effectiveness of our Congress.

Online Advocacy Campaign

We are developing a companion web site that supports the book and media campaign, with a strong emphasis on providing further information on the Independent Candidate Movement, expanded information resources for potential candidates and for voters, and support the communication and activity of an Independent Movement community.

Candidate Toolset

Create a candidate Campaign Management Suite thru the web that enables many aspects of the campaign process, such as the candidate's public web site, fundraising opportunities, campaign volunteers and events, and FEC reporting requirements.